Meant To Be (the musical!)

Meant To Be logoMeant To Be is the story of a Year 12 girl, Michelle, who has just moved to the city with her dad, Tom, who is a teacher, and her brother. Though she didn’t really want to move, she soon joins a rock band at her new school and falls in love with the band’s lead singer, Adam. Her dad’s reason for moving in the first place was that he wanted to meet someone new (since he has been single for quite a few years). He meets Meagan, also single and also a teacher at his new school, but it turns out that she is Adam’s mum! The two kids, particularly Michelle, think that they need to stop their parents’ relationship from taking off or they will become brother and sister, hence dooming their own relationship.

With intermission, Meant To Be goes for about two hours. The show is full of great rock/pop songs, funny dialogue, plenty of opportunities to choreograph dance routines, and, because it is set in a modern school, fairly easy to stage!

To request a perusal copy of the script or to order the musical, go to the Contact Us page, though you might want to preview the music first.

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Meant To Be has thirteen full-length songs and three short reprises. The two tables below list the characters and the songs.

Name Role Sex No. of Lines
Tom Nyktos New Music Co-ordinator at Earlswood High School M 226
Michelle Nyktos Year 12 Student, Tom’s daughter. F 171
Alex Nyktos Tom’s son M 39
Meagan Andrews Drama Teacher. F 104
Jennifer Andrews Meagan’s daughter. F 12
Adam Andrews Year 12 Student, Lead singer in Inflexion. M 149
Nicky drummer in Inflexion F 32
Warren keyboards in Inflexion M 48
Kathi bass in Inflexion F 13
Ross guitarist in Inflexion M 43
Jon saxophone player in Inflexion M 40
Rebecca Luscombe teacher (President of Staff Association) F 36
Kelly Robinson Legal Studies teacher F 33
Desiree Berry Principal of School F 35
Paula teacher F 7
Lewis teacher M 3
Chris teacher F 10
Suzie teacher F 12
Elle Café Owner F 15
Claire Williams Legal Aid Lawyer F 23
Announcer (at Battle of the Bands) F 7
Penny violin player F 5
Gillian Kathi’s friend F 1
Anna student F 1
Rowan student M 1
Georgina student F 1
Davo student M 5
Tessa student F 1
Cassie student F 1
extras dancers and singers for classroom and staffroom scenes both


Songs (To preview the music, click here)

Sung by…

Girl of My Dreams

Tom, Chorus of wedding guests
Love at First Sight Adam, Kathi, the Band (Nicky, Warren, Ross, Jon), Chorus of Students
I Love The Things You Do Chorus of students, Tom
I Found Love When I Found You (Verse 1) Adam, Michelle
Feel the Music (Verse 1) Adam, Michelle
Take Me There Meagan, Chorus of teachers
Anything You Wanna Be Elle, Chorus of Waitresses, Chorus of Patrons, Jon, Ross, and Warren
Unassailable Adam, Michelle, Tom, Meagan
Back in Action Adam, Michelle, Tom, Meagan, the Band (Penny, Warren, Ross, Jon), Chorus
Feel the Music Adam, Michelle, the Band, Chorus of fans
Right Your Wrong Penny, Jon, Ross, Warren, Chorus of fans
Learning To See Michelle
All I Want Rebecca, Tom (outro only)
I Found Love When I Found You Michelle, Adam, Meagan, Tom, Everyone
Meant To Be Meagan, Tom, Everyone
Dance Finale (Curtain Call)


In summary, you will need a minimum of two strong male singers and five strong female singers (who will be supported by the rest of the cast who will also sing, dance and act their way through the story).