Meant To Be (the musical) Synopsis

Meant To Be logoScene 1. Meant To Be begins with Tom dreaming that he is in a wedding scene. As he sings “Girl of My Dreams”, a masked bride approaches him, but his daughter appears and the bride flees. He wakes up and realizes that he was dreaming. He goes to the kitchen where he greets his two kids, Michelle and Alex. The three of them are about to start at a new school in the city after moving from the country.

MTB Love At First SightScene 2. We meet the members of the band Inflexion. Adam, Inflexion’s lead singer, is instantly attracted to Michelle, but Kathi, who likes Adam, tells him to leave her alone. Adam and Kathi sing “Love at First Sight”. Eventually, Adam gets to approach Michelle. Adam invites her to his band’s rehearsal.

MTB dancersScene 3. Tom is called into School Principal Desiree Berry’s office where he is told that he has to write a musical that can be entered into a competition that she is keen to enter. Tom then meets Meagan and Rebecca. Rebecca is outrageously forward towards him but Tom is warmed by Meagan’s gracious charm. Tom then teaches his first class where the kids write and perform the song “I Love The Things You Do”. They all discover what a great teacher he is.

Scenes 4, 5 & 6. Michelle rehearses with the band and they ask her to join the band. The Battle of the Bands is on in a few weeks. Adam asks Michelle out, and she accepts. Kathi is upset by all this.

Tom and Meagan discover that they are both single. They enjoy each other’s company and we discover that Meagan is, in fact, Adam’s mum. While Adam and Michelle spend time practising, Tom and Meagan discuss the musical that Tom has to write. Some other teachers join in and present ideas. They sing “Take Me There”. After the song, Tom and Meagan plan to go out for lunch to discuss the script.

Scenes 7 and 8. Meagan tells her son, Adam, about her plans and the next day, at rehearsal, Adam tells Michelle. The band members joke that if Tom and Meagan get married, that will make Michelle and Adam siblings, and siblings aren’t allowed to have romantic relationships! Michelle convinces Adam to tell his mum that she shouldn’t go out with her dad. To complicate things further, Kathi decides to quit the band.

Scenes 9 to 13. Though the kids try to persuade their parents to drop their romantic ideas, the parents are pretty determined. Warren confesses to Ross and Jon that he likes Nicky, the drummer, but he’s too scared to ask her out; all of them are in the band Inflexion and romance between them might cause problems! Elle, the café owner, Ross and Jon, and the whole cafe, sing “You Can Be Anything You Wanna Be” to Warren. Warren puts away his fear and looks for an opportunity to ask Nicky out. Ross also writes a song warning against people getting involved in other people’s relationships, to thwart Michelle’s plans. Adam and Michelle sing the song “Unassailable”. Tom invites Meagan over to his house for dinner and they tell the kids. The band members are quite happy for Meagan, but Michelle plans to stage a fight at dinner. The band find a new bass player to replace Kathi and we hear the song “Back In Action”. The song is, at the same time, about the band members being happy about being able to play again with a full compliment and about Tom and Meagan being able to go out with someone again.


MTBFeelTheMusicMTBRightYourWrongScene 14. At the Battle of the Bands, Michelle sees her dad with Meagan and rushes off the stage to try to bring him closer to the front, just as the band starts their song “Feel The Music”. This upsets everyone. After the song, and after Michelle goes home, the band members sing “Right Your Wrong” to Adam, convincing him to drop Michelle and to let his mum get on with her life.

Scene 15. At dinner, the following night, Adam tells Michelle off for her selfishness. Michelle finally sees the error of her ways and sings “Learning To See”.

MTBAllIWantScenes 16, 17, 18 and 19. Rebecca is at home and dreams of Tom coming to her and confessing his love for her. She sings “All I Want”.

She tells her work colleagues about the dream, but Meagan only overhears part of the conversation and thinks that Tom has left her. She tells Tom that she doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore. Kathi approaches Tom and tells him about Michelle’s plans. Meanwhile, Warren has an idea: Adam can divorce his mum and then the two kids will be free to go out.

MTBMeetingWithLawyerThey go to a legal-aid centre where they meet a lawyer who lays down the law. Michelle gets an angry phone call from Tom who demands that she comes back to school so that he can talk to everyone.

Scene 20. Will Tom and Meagan reconcile? Will Adam and Michelle be allowed to go out? Will Tom write his musical and keep his principal happy? The songs in this final scene are “I Found Love When I Found You” and “Meant To Be”, and the curtain-call dance finale will leave you feeling totally satisfied.

All together there are 13 songs and 1 instrumental interspersed within the script, leaving a perfect blend of music, dancing, comedy and drama.

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Meant To Be’s themes

Though Meant To Be is a light-hearted musical, which has thrilled many audiences with its addictive blend of romance, comedy, and great music, it also explores some interesting themes along the way. Actors often find it easier to act their parts if they can get into the heads of their characters. So here are some themes that directors may wish to discuss with their cast during rehearsals.

Themes for Meant To Be:

· you shouldn’t be afraid to express your feelings;
· fear of failure and rejection gets you nowhere;
· not being honest or having hidden agendas causes problems;
· maturity is not a matter of age, but is the ability to see things from other people’s points of view;
· change is not always something to be feared;
· nothing can stand in the way of true love;
· don’t let others get in the way of achieving your goals;
· honesty and openness gets results;
· sometimes the person you love doesn’t love you; that’s just bad luck!
· Always arm yourself with the facts before you make big decisions;
· Tragic things happen, but life goes on;
· Nothing is “meant to be”. We decide our fate.


1. You can never become a mature adult if you don’t learn to see things from other people’s points of view. To what extent did Michelle mature in Meant To Be?

2. It is very important to have as many of the relevant facts as possible before you make big decisions. Discuss.

3. To what extent is fear a destructive emotion?

4. When you are not open and honest with your loved ones, you inevitably cause problems for yourself and for them. To what extent is this true for the characters in Meant To Be?

5. To what extent was Tom and Meagan’s relationship “meant to be”?

6. Nothing is meant to be; we decide our own fate. Discuss.

7. “I’m gonna lose my dad and my boyfriend”. Is Michelle too fearful or is she too selfish?

8. Change is not something to be feared, but to be embraced. Can change ever be change for the good?

9. Was Michelle a control freak?

10. When you want something badly enough, you’re prepared to risk everything else to get it. Discuss.