archimedeslogoThe musical Archimedes tells the story of Archimedes’ famous ‘eureka’ moment. In the 3rd-century BC, King Hieron of Syracuse gives his goldsmith a certain amount of gold with which to make a golden crown. Later, a rumour spreads that the crown may not be made of pure gold. The king suspects that the goldsmith has kept some of the gold he was given and has replaced it with an equal weight of silver. The King asks Archimedes, Syracuse’s resident scientific and mathematical genius, to determine whether the crown is in fact made of pure gold or not. This presents a huge problem for Archimedes, because, unbeknown to the King, he is engaged to the goldsmith’s daughter Artemisia…

Philistis Damarata GelonThe show builds in tension from the opening scene to the very end, and entertains all the way with great songs, dazzling colour, and a script that provides the perfect mix of humour and drama.

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Archimedes contains 13 songs and 3 instrumental pieces. The two tables below show how many actors are needed and their involvement.

Cast of Characters
Name Role Sex No. of Lines
King Hieron King of Syracuse M 182
Philistis The Queen F 45
Gelon The Prince M 67
Damarata The Princess F 62
Archimedes Mathematical Genius M 271
Symbolos The King’s Treasurer Either 24
Herald 1 Either 1
Herald 2 Either 2
Heracleides Tutor at Archimedes’s school M 98
Kleptis Syracuse’s chief blacksmith and goldsmith M 109
Artemisia Kleptis’ daughter F 76
Boythos Kleptis’s servant M 15
Diakonos Archimedes’s servant M 29
Chorus of Elders (1, 2, 3) Either 12, 12, 8
Tremon, Filux, Stratos Soldiers M 6, 4, 10
Luinsia Dancer F 8
Dance Tutor Dancer F 3
Salome Dancer F 1
Page Boy/Girl Either 1
Damarata’s Maid F 0
Theseus Citizen of Syracuse Either 1
Aias Citizen of Syracuse Either 1
Ariadne Citizen of Syracuse Either 1
Kassandra Citizen of Syracuse Either 1
Antigone Student at Archimedes’s school F 41
Ismene Student at Archimedes’s school F 22
Proteus Student at Archimedes’s school Either 5
Defterus Student at Archimedes’s school Either 6
Tritus Student at Archimedes’s school Either 4
Tessara Student at Archimedes’s school Either 1
Pemta Student at Archimedes’s school Either 1
Tharalea Student at Archimedes’s school Either 2
Adriana Kleptis’s Wife F 2
Midwife F 2
Dancers Either 0
Citizens of Syracuse Either 0


SONGS (to preview the songs, click this link)  Sung by…
We Can Move the World Archimedes, all of Syracuse
The Plan Kleptis
Have You Heard The Rumour? Citizens of Syracuse, Soldiers
We Can Move the World Reprise – Analyze The Gold Chorus of Singers
One Discovery Away Archimedes, Artemisia
More Important Than Life Itself Heracleides, Archimedes, Students
Eureka Diakonos, Archimedes, Citizens of Syracuse
Rhythm and Rhyme Hieron, Chorus of Singers, King’s Court
A New Day Philistis, Gelon
I Will Wait For You Damarata
Fight For The School Heracleides, Chorus of Students
Nothing More To Fear Artemisia
The Pain I Brought Kleptis
Together (Curtain Call) Archimedes, Artemisia, Whole Cast